New: The Boss-365 VA Planner

New: The Boss-365 VA Planner

New: The Boss-365 VA Planner

Fully interactive digital planner with stickers pages to add to your weekly/monthly spreads. This planner can be printed but it’s so much more amazing when used as a digital planner. It works with all PDF-annotation apps like Goodnotes, Xodo etc.


This planner comes with: 

  • Cover
  • Client List
  • Client Account Information (with client tools & logins)
  • Business Process Map/List
  • Work Planner Spread
  • Reporting
  • Work Goals
  • Weekly Plan Spread
  • Daily Plan Spread
  • Suppliers Contact Info
  • Ideas and Notes
  • Glows & Grows
  • Password Logs
  • 12x monthly spreads
  • Products Sales (for keeping track of digital or physical product sales)
  • Recurring & Once-off Service Invoice Sales
  • Website, Blog, Social Media or Newsletter Management
  • Social Media Calendar
  • Web Design Projects
  • Bookkeeping Processes
  • Income & Expenditure
  • 3x sticker pages
  • 1x blank page



From our New Digital Planner Range: The Boss-365

New: The Boss-365 VA Planner

Annual Goals Planner



Undated Personal/Work Planner: The Boss-365 VA Planner

The beauty of these planners is that they can be used forever as they’re undated

One simply needs to save a current planner with the current year each year!


Best for digital planning and can be used to plan and track the amazing development and growth of your business as a Virtual Assistant / any other self-employment venture

  • Business Management
  • Finance Management
  • Client Management
  • Suppliers Info
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Etc


The planner is undated which means great value for money as it can be used for each year (and saved with dates for current use) or to track several projects or journeys simultaneously. Navigation is flawless and is great for getting to each page.


It’s an amazing planner created with love and thoughtfulness for the small business person who is able to manage every aspect of his / her business in one central place.



Total Pages:
File Format: PDF
Size: A4 (Landscape)



For personal use ONLY
Not for commercial use
You CANNOT re-sell or share this item


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